Company Information

Established in 1968, at a time when no other company in Japan was interested in manufacture of miniature rotary shaft couplings, Yunika® Corporation was the first company in Japan to develop miniature, flexible, rotary shaft couplings and has continued as the leading specialist in this product through relentless innovation.

Beginning with improvement of standard bellows style couplings: the Vibralow® Coupling line immediately dampens resonant oscillations by using rubber covers or melted rubber sleeves, (U.S. Patent 6,514,146), extending both operational speeds and lives; Yunika® Corporation has since developed the second generation of flexible couplings characterized by innovation on a fundamental level from different approaches.

The Second Generation Coupling

These innovations have led to several distinct product lines, and combined hybrid lines, that have expanded the envelop of miniature flexible rotary shaft couplings.
To best understand this innovation we have another page with an explanation of the physical reasons for, and the phenomenon of, catastrophic failure i.e. breakage, in Bellows style couplings.

The second generation couplings have the highest quality, most innovative, unique construction with the superiority of U.S. patented technology.