The Unique Number-One Second Generation Coupling

Virtually indestructible Number-One Couplings inherently accommodate the highest possible lateral and angular shaft misalignments.
Oscillating motion of the central disk with a patented reciprocation of perpendicular transverse cylindrical engagements eliminates the stress that would otherwise lead to coupling failure.

The central disk of a Number-One Coupling undergoes complex motion: continuously reciprocating transversly and rotationally about each cylindrical torque member rotating in a fixed plane; achieving a constant locus between misaligned and spaced apart shafts.
This assures very long, maintenance free, operational life.

In addition, the engineering grade plastic central disks of the Number-One Coupling provide electrical isolation protecting equipment from damaging flash-over: a requirement for many applications.
High frequency power supplies, particularly for plasma generation; medical and vacuum equipment; variable condensers; various instrumentation, etc., all benefit from this.

All Number-One Couplings are protected by U.S. Patent Number 6,464,589 regardless of model. A large diameter plastic disk is functionally identical to the original NO line.

The patented Number-One Coupling