Vibralow® Rubber Dampened Vibration Bellows Coupling

Precision positioning control often requires oscillation dampening for efficient torque transmission and accurate rotational positioning.
Otherwise resonance severely limits operational parameters.
The patented inside and outside melted rubber Vibralow® Coupling prevents damage from resonant frequency operation by quickly dampening resonance.

Model: VLM-200-VLM600 Oscillation Testing
Uk500 Oscillation Testing

The Vibralow Bellows coupling dampens resonance down to only 0.07 seconds; with rotational velocity at14,700 rpm.
This compares with 5,100 rpm for the same coupling without patented melted rubber shielding.
Oscillations under 150 herts will be quickly dampened to a minimal value.

Example of High missalignment

A Vibralow Bellows Coupling coated with silicon rubber paste into valleys of the bellows together with a rubber cover dampens oscillations under 100 herts down to a minimal value.

A Typical Shear Clack

A Vibralow Bellows Coupling with simple rubber cover dampens resonance in only 0.2 seconds.

The same Bellows coupling without rubber requires 2.5 seconds to dampen resonance

resonance frequance at 45.5Hz
resonance frequance at 57.5Hz