Economy Bellows Coupling

  • High misalignment
  • Typical Fracture at First Valley
  • Total Breakage

Breakage of Typical Bellows Style Couplings
Misalignment between two rotary shafts connected by a typical bellows style coupling is inevitable: it is only a matter of time.
And almost inevitably, the breakage, by shear, is near the first valley next to the solid boss at one end of the coupling.
Precise installation, in brief, is necessary to obtain long operation life.

Fracture caused by oscillations

Resonance and Oscillations
Resonance frequently results in catastrophic failure: i.e. breakage; In typical bellows style couplings which all possess natural or resonate frequencies, although typical bellows couplings without rubber may not survive the first, and resonance causes breakage.

Oscillations received from stepping or servo motors, may induce an eccentric rotation or oscillation resulting in inaccuracies in positioning control and also breakage.
In both resonance and induced oscillation breakage occurs in any part of the bellows.

Prevention from the breakage of the Bellows

Maximum values are not additive, each assumes zero for the other, but lateral and angular misalignments can be combined proportionately: e.g. 50% of each

YB     YBR